Welcome to SC Enterprises Group

SC Enterprises Group™ is a customer service division for Sustainable Contractors that provides client services to a group of companies for Specialty Contractors Industries.

SC Enterprises Group engages in full Facilities Support Services and Property Management. Including a full portfolio of support offerings, tailor-made administrative services and consulting. As well as support for service brands, products, and leasing services.  These group services are key in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The concept of value creation is more important than ever before.  Profit is not just assured by new markets or increased volume. Supplying clients with services and brands that fit their needs and desires and keeping costs lower than the competition, without losing cutting edge superiority and service supply dependability, is the essence to value growth.  

Purchasing plays an important role SC Enterprises Group™.  Our mission is to deliver substantial, sustainable, competitive advantages for SC Enterprises Group™ of businesses and to deliver a paramount experience for our clients.

We deliver competitive advantages to these businesses by obtaining the lowest prices for materials and services.  We are always negotiating purchase prices lower than that secured by our competitors.  We focus on total expenditure impact.  In order to sustain this advantage, we structure our procedures to help our value partner suppliers win, rewarding them with the majority of our business.

SC Enterprises Group™ recognizes that suppliers and service providers play an essential role in our capability to do business.  We desire to create and maintain a healthy working relationship within each market.  We expect several things from our suppliers and services providers.  First, that they have the needed geographical representation.  Second, we require consistency in supply, in service and in quality.  In return we offer our suppliers and services providers similar loyalty and our commitment to purchase large volumes.  Those volumes will continue to grow as SC Enterprises Group™ continues to lead our industry across the broad base of service and supply, utilizing the most innovative proactive technologies.